C. Marvin Brewer Desalter Facility

West Basin owns the C. Marvin Brewer Desalter Facility (Desalter) which began operating in July 1993. The Desalter was built on a site owned by California Water Service (CWS) in the City of Torrance where it removes chloride from groundwater impacted by seawater intrusion in the West Coast Groundwater Basin (WCGB). The Desalter was initially intended to be a five year pilot program to determine if brackish water could be economically treated to drinking water standards.
The Desalter originally used two wells to pump brackish water from a saline plume remaining within the WCGB and treats the water using cartridge filters and RO. The treated water from the Desalter is blended with potable water, stored on the CWS site in a 5 million gallon storage reservoir, and then delivered to the distribution system. Under the terms of an agreement with CWS, West Basin reimburses CWS to operate and maintain the Desalter.

In 2005, the original two wells were replaced with one, more productive well. This well has the capability to pump 1,600 to 2,400 AFY of brackish groundwater to be treated at the Desalter.

The C. Marvin Brewer Desalter facility is undergoing a well assessment and well rehabilitation project to improve and increase water production. With upgrades to the existing well and the construction of the new well, there will be a large increase of water supply (up to 1,750 AFY). Project benefits include an increase in water reliability due to more efficient groundwater treatment and an increase in local water supply for the entire West Torrance area (via Cal Water) within the West Basin service area, reducing imported water supplies. The components of the Project include the following:

  • Upgrade existing well equipment
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Upgrade
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Upgrade
  • Plant-wide Noise Reduction
  • Standby Generator Procurement
  • Inter-stage Booster Pump Addition
  • Pump Production Monitoring Program
  • Miscellaneous System Improvements
  • Addition of future well pump
  • Plant Expansion (1 MGD)
  • Plant-wide Electrical Upgrade

Estimated Cost: $9.6 million

Timeframe: 2018-2022