California is in a serious drought. Use only the water you need.




Huell Howser Discusses Water Reliability 2020

Huell Howser discusses the Water Reliability 2020 program with Rich Nagel, General Manager of West Basin Municipal Water District.


See a Water Star in Action! View our latest video about West Basin's NEW Water Star program.

Splash Science


Water Scholarships


Smart Landscape Expo 2009 - May 22, 2009


Drought & Water Rationing - April 3, 2009


Water Harvest - October 24, 2008


Water 101


Be Water Wise

Watch this video to find out about, and how you can conserve water.
View the Be Water Wise video

Under the Surface

Watch this video to learn more about wedgewire screen technology, courtesy of the Water Corporation in Perth.



Liquid Assets Documentary Trailer: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure

Produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting with major funding from the Colcom Foundation. Liquid Assets is a public media and outreach initiative that seeks to inform the nation about the critical role that our water infrastructure plays in protecting public health and promoting economic prosperity.

Click here for the 16 minute overview.



Lennox Small Business Makeover project with County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas