Water is Life Traveling Art Lab & Student Art Contest

Water is Life Art Contest

The “Water is Life” Student Art Contest helps teach young people the importance of water conservation.  The art contest is open to 3rd – 12th grade students attending schools located in the West Basin service area.  Click here to find out if you're eligible to participate.

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Submission Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2019

The Water is Life Art Lab can visit your campus with free art materials and classes!

Invite a West Basin science and art instructor to your 3rd - 12th grade classroom to explore the sources of Southern California's water supply, the technology behind producing drinking water and the wide range of water conservation devices that can help your student families save water!  Students can then create water conservation posters with a variety of art materials, explore cool and simple art techniques and receive helpful tips for creating award winning art to submit to the 2019 Water is Life Student Art Contest! 

The Water is Life Art Lab lesson is designed to take place over a two day period.  A one-hour assembly program can be conducted for 100 students on Tuesday mornings in January - February 2019.  Later that week, three Art Lab instructors can return to your school campus on a Thursday or Friday to conduct a one and a half hour art lesson in the classroom, serving up to three classes simultaneously.

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Thank you to all students for submitting your art entries last year!

Over 530 art submissions were received in 2018, making the award selection challenging for our judges. Student contestants proved to be very creative in promoting water and conservation awareness. 

Click on this 2018 Award Winners List to see the artwork of winning students recognized at the West Basin Board Meeting on Monday, April 23, 2018.

West Basin Directors and Program Sponsors with winning student artists from the 2018 “Water is Life” contest.
(Pictured left to right top row) Ariel Campos, Valerie Galindo, Director Harold C. Williams, Director Gloria D. Gray, Manuel D. Serpa from the Law Offices of Olivarez Madruga Lemieux and O’Neill (OMLO), Aaron Wakefield-Carl, Director Donald L. Dear, Director Carol W. Kwan, Steve O’Neill from OLMO, Eunice Song, Antione Vuillermet of Suez North America, Director Scott Houston, Cora Uchida, Sophia Boss.  (Pictured left to right bottom row) Steicy Sanchez, Alisson Sandoval, Clara Kwon, Izzy Morriss, Alondra Guadalupe Gonzalez, Giuliana Toscano, Ana Wong.


Honorable Mention Awardees received an iPad.  Grand Prize Awardees received an iPad, stylus and a $25 iTunes gift card to download art apps that support their artistic pursuits!  All entrants received an art contest participant package in the mail as West Basin's expression of appreciation for taking the time to learn about our precious water supply, promoting water awareness and discovering the importance of water conservation. Thank you, student artists, for sharing your water stewardship voices!



Thank you to our sponsors for making this program possible!