California is in a serious drought. Use only the water you need.

Ocean Water Desalination


One of the future supplies of water for the entire planet will be ocean-water desalination. Ocean-water desalination will be a small part of West Basin’s future water supply, consisting of about 10% Most importantly, ocean-water desalination is done in an environmentally responsible manner. West Basin’s temporary Ocean-Water Desalination Demonstration Facility was built, in part, to research environmentally responsible ways to take water out of the ocean and return salt water back to the ocean and protect the marine environment.

West Basin is committed to being an innovative leader in the water industry through exploration of new methods and technologies that enhance reliability in our water supply. West Basin manages a diverse portfolio of water sources that includes imported water from the Colorado River and Northern California, locally-produced recycled water, conservation practices and programs that are producing measurable results, and education programs that teach young people how to manage our resources more effectively.

In addition to these programs, West Basin has been testing the feasibility of ocean-water desalination since 2002. After six successful years of study and tens of thousands of water-quality tests conducted at our pilot facility in El Segundo, West Basin is operating a Temporary Ocean-Water Desalination Demonstration Facility (Demonstration Facility) at the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach to conduct research and testing on full-scale equipment that also protects the environment. Our ultimate goal with ocean-water desalination is to further enhance reliability in our water supply for the communities we serve by adding another locally-produced and drought-proof water source to our supply portfolio. West Basin has set ambitious goals to increase production of desalinated ocean-water to comprise 10% of the drinking water we supply to our customers by 2020.

Ocean Water Desalination

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