Water Reliability

Water reliability is critically important to our region’s growth, economic health, and quality of life. West Basin has deemed water reliability as not only its responsibility, but its purpose. Our Water Reliability Outreach Program is an effort to reduce the dependence on imported water brought here from hundreds of miles away by doubling our water recycling program, doubling our water conservation program, and adding ocean-water desalination to further diversify our future water supplies.

In the early 1990s, Southern California faced a severe drought that not only impacted our water supplies but also the way we manage water reliability. West Basin has made enormous strides in increasing locally-produced water through investments in conservation, education and recycled water. As much as 14% of the region's dependence on imported water has been shifted to recycled water and conservation, which further protect our service area’s exposure to dry-year conditions.

West Basin has significantly changed the region's water supply mix over the years and plans to continue decreasing our dependence on imported water. Our Water Reliability Outreach Program has over 10,000 supporters and continues to grow.

Why Do We Need to Reduce Our Dependence on Imported Water?

We live in an area with reoccurring droughts that will have more impact in the future due to a growing population. Our state population continues to grow, so we must deal with potential water shortages. The state water system that moves water here from Northern California was designed to serve 18 million people. Today it serves 37 million people. The hub of the water system, the Bay Delta, is broken and there is no quick solution in sight. There is, and will be, the need to provide water for the environment, further reducing available supplies. Our massive water systems need to be adapted to climate change. Finally, there are challenges on the Colorado River system, our other major source of imported water, and those challenges will only get worse in the future.

What are Some of the Benefits of Investing in Water Reliability?

We will have improved water reliability for sustainable cities. We will prevent future rationing or water restrictions from droughts or other water emergencies. We will have guaranteed water for industry and the economy. By producing water locally, we can make our water supply more reliable and control more of our water future at the same cost of less reliable imported water – and we can save energy too. We will lessen the strain on the state’s Bay Delta and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California that imports our water to our area. Finally, over time, it will improve our water quality.

Learn More About the West Basin Water Reliability Program

To schedule a West Basin Water Reliability speaker for your organization or community group, you can submit a request through West Basin's Speaker's Bureau.