Regular Committee assignments are made by the President and ratified by the Board of Directors. There are five regular committees that meet monthly, Administration, Communications, Desalination, Finance, and Water Resources and one Regular Committee that meets on a quarterly basis, Ethics.

Each committee is made up of two Board members, a Chair and Member, and one alternate. Regular Committee meetings are scheduled to meet on the same day and time monthly and agendas are subject to posting 72 hours prior to the meeting. A Regular Committee meeting convened on a different day or time is considered a Special Committee meeting and subject to 24 hour posting of the agenda.

The Board of Directors adopted a policy whereby all Board members can attend Regular Committee meetings. The committee meetings are noticed as a committee meeting with a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors for the purpose of compliance with the Brown Act. Members of the Board, who are not assigned to a Committee, may attend and participate as members of the Board, whether or not a quorum of the Board is present. In order to preserve the function of the committee as advisory to the Board, members of the Board who are not assigned to the committee will not vote on matters before the committee.


Administration Committee

The Administration Committee studies, advises and makes recommendations with regard to the following:

  1. The form of West Basin’s organization and the flow of authority and responsibility;
  2. Periodic independent reviews and studies of the organization, the classification of positions, job duties, salaries, and salary ranges;
  3. Relations between West Basin and its employees including all matters affecting wages, hours, pension plans, and other employee benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment;
  4. Areas of special concern to West Basin and its employees, including, but not limited to, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and work rules pertaining to the health and safety of employees;
  5. Policies and rules regarding the employment, discipline and discharge of West Basin employees;
  6. Selection of management personnel consultants and the determination of the scope of their assignments; and
  7. Individuals to serve in positions requiring Board approval

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee studies, advises, and makes recommendations with regard to the following:

  1. Ensuring that the residents within West Basin’s boundaries, the member agencies and cities within the area, and other agencies that West Basin activities involve have an understanding of, and support the measures and programs that are necessary for West Basin to continue to provide adequate service and meet the water supply needs of its communities
  2. Selection of local and state government services consultants; making recommendations for effective governmental relations with state, federal, and local legislators
  3. Selection of outreach consultants when new projects will impact the service area constituents
  4. Review of promotional items and publications
  5. Reviewing both inside and outside communications efforts of West Basin, including media and public relations
  6. Review of education and conservation programs
  7. Review special event planning

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee studies, advises and makes recommendations with regard to the following:

  1. Preparation of budgets
  2. Sale of bonds and borrowing and repayment of monies
  3. Disposition and investment of funds
  4. Authorization of appropriations
  5. The determination of revenues to be obtained through the sale of water, water standby charges or availability of service charges, and the levying of taxes
  6. The financial impact and requirements of policies concerning annexation
  7. The financial aspects of West Basin’s risk management program
  8. Questions pertaining to insurance coverage and self-insurance
  9. The selection of auditors and financial and insurance consultants, and the determination of the scope of their assignments, and the selection of attorneys as bond counsel
  10. Form and contents of accounts, financial reports, and financial statements
  11. Auditors’ periodic and annual reports

Water Resources Committee

The Water Resources Committee studies, advises and makes recommendations with regard to the following:

  1. Policies, sources, and means of importing water required by West Basin
  2. Reviews the water rates and conditions governing the sales and exchanges of water
  3. Policies regarding the sale and delivery of water for optional uses
  4. Policies regarding allocation of water standby charge, or availability of service revenue requirements among member public agencies
  5. Water standby or availability of service charges within West Basin
  6. Policies regarding annexation and the requirements, procedures, terms and conditions for annexation
  7. Energy matters relating to water supply
  8. Policies regarding water conservation, reclamation, reuse, and underground storage of water and the use thereof
  9. Review plans, specifications, and bids
  10. The initiation, scheduling, contracting, and performance of construction programs and work, and the equipment or materials to be used, replaced, disposed of, or salvaged
  11. The operation, protection, and maintenance of the plants and facilities required for the production, exchange, sale, storage, treatment, and delivery of water and power for the storage and treatment of water; and for the distribution of electrical energy to the pumping plants
  12. The providing of storage and distribution facilities and connections for the delivery of water

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee reviews, advises and makes recommendation with regard to the following:

  1. AB 1234 Compliance
  2. Code of Conduct

Desalination Committee

The Desalination Committee studies, advises and make recommendations with regard to the following

  • Feasiblity of ocean water desalination for the West Basin area;
  • Policies and permit requirements necessary for the execution of an ocean water desalination program;
  • Environmental impacts, energy use and cost associated with the operation of a desalination facility; and
  • Implementation of Ocean Water Desalination as part of West Basin's diversified water portfolio.