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Online Resources for Water Education

West Basin is offering resources to teachers and families looking to bridge the gap between in-person instruction and distance learning due to COVID-19 closures. 

Virtual Field Trips

Students will participate in exciting interactive webinars that focus on recycled water technology and recycled water use in the community. Virtual field trips are live-hosted by West Basin staff and are intended as an alternative to in-person field trip. Virtual field trips are available by request to school and youth groups throughout the summer time. For more information, please contact West Basin Education Coordinator Janel Ancayan at (310) 660-6253 or

West Basin Municipal Water District's Pre-Tour and Post-Tour Lesson Plans

To support an extensive water education program, West Basin is offering a free curriculum for 3rd-5th grade teachers to support classroom engagement before and after your water recycling facility tour. Lesson plans are intended to be hands-on, can be adapted to support any grade level, and supports the state's current Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

Pre-Tour Lesson

Post-Tour Lesson

Additional Resources

  • Find out more about the water cycle in this interactive flash animation from the EPA

  • Learn some water saving tips from a game at 

  • Learn
    what aquifers, how they work, and why they are important from the EPA
  • ​​ 
    Explore Southern California water issues, new water supplies, innovative water treatment technologies and cutting edge professions in the water industry.

More Games & Resources

Take a Virtual Field Trip With West Basin