Water is Life Student Art Contest

The Water is Life Art Contest Is No Longer Accepting 2020 Submissions !

The Water is Life Student Art Contest helps foster awareness of water conservation by challenging students to create artwork following the contest theme “Water is Life,” which promotes the idea of protecting Earth’s limited water resources.  The contest is open to 3rd – 12th grade students attending schools located in the West Basin service area. 

All artwork submissions were due on March 13, 2020. 

For further program information, please contact West Basin Education Coordinator Janel Ancayan at (310) 660-6253 or JanelA@westbasin.org. 

Free Rental Art Supply Classroom Kits Available During Contest Submission Period! 

Teachers will be able to rent art supply materials (picked up from the District’s Donald L. Dear Building in Carson, CA during regular business hours) to support their students’ submission efforts.  Teachers will be able to rent a kit on a Monday from January through early March, and have until the immediate Friday to return the items back to the District.  At the discretion of the education coordinator and supply availability, teachers may request a longer rental period. Art supply classroom kits will include the following:

  1. Stamps and ink pads
  2. Stencils
  3. Markers
  4. Colored pencils and crayons
  5. Sample student artwork for inspiration

In addition to the above items that will need to be returned to the District, teachers may keep the following consumable items:

  1. 12” x 18” submission paper
  2. Submission guidelines
  3. Decorative paper (tissue paper, construction paper, etc.)

To request a rental, please contact West Basin Education Coordinator Janel Ancayan at janela@westbasin.org or (310) 660-6253.

Congratulations to the 2019 Water is Life Student Art Contest Winners! 

Over 500 art submissions were received last year, making the award selection challenging for our judges. Student contestants proved to be very creative in promoting water and conservation awareness. 

View the 2019 Award Winners

West Basin Directors and Program Sponsors with winning student artists from the 2019 “Water is Life” contest.

(Pictured left to right - top row) Estefany Polanco, Lauren Ha, West Basin Division III Director Carol W. Kwan, Steve O’Neill from the Law Offices of Olivarez Madruga Lemieux and O’Neill, Rachel Hong, Antoine Vuillermet of Suez North America (Suez), West Basin Division V Director Donald L. Dear, Amble Warble, Lorenzo Guidolin of Suez, West Basin Division I Director Harold C. Willliams, Zita Allen, Dominique Demessence of Suez, West Basin Division IV Director and Board President Scott Houston, Lauren Jung, West Basin Division II Director Gloria D. Gray, Elsa Rochelson, Doug Kamin, Tania Avalos. (Pictured left to right - bottom row) Daša Kvam, Emma Schleifer, Mily Dominguez, Ashley Benitez, Kyla Avalos, Dailynn Lewis.​

The grand prize winners received an iPad, stylus, $25 app store gift card and a top 10 list of art apps for kids. Honorable Mention awardees received an iPad and a top 10 list of art apps for kids. Thank you, student artists, for sharing your water stewardship voices!


Thank you to our sponsors for making this program possible!