Change & Save

West Basin Municipal Water District’s Change & Save program is designed to promote and inspire West Basin customers to save money and reduce water use by replacing old fixtures. This program provides FREE water-saving devices, and offers a rebate of up to $500 for the purchase of a high-efficiency clothes washer.

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Change and Save

How to start your Change & Save Journey

Change & Save asks for your participation in the West Basin Municipal Water District’s Change & Save water efficiency survey to measure how our communities are consuming water. It is extremely important for us to learn your opinion on water usage and efficiency within your home. Upon completing the survey, we provide you with a FREE water efficiency kit, and you can qualify for up to a $500 rebate for a high-efficiency clothes washer.

What have residents said about our program?


Change & Save strives to maintain excellent relationships with our customers to ensure full satisfaction. Customers have seen remarkable differences in their monthly water and energy bills by installing the water-saving device kits and purchasing a high-efficiency clothes washer.

“The program has saved us a good amount of money on our monthly bills, and we have noticed at least a $20-$30 savings since installing the kits. I recommend Change & Save to my neighbors and friends.” – Inglewood customer, Jide

Contact Us

Change & Save’s Water-Efficiency Coordinators are available to answer questions and assist you with the survey and rebate application.

Call or email for assistance or to make a one-on-one virtual appointment:

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