Governance / Codes

Administrative Code

The West Basin Municipal District Administrative Code is the agency’s governing document.

The Board of Directors re-codified and adopted the Administrative Code on January 20, 2016 by Resolution No. 1-16-1024 to replace an earlier code.

The Administrative Code may be revised by resolution. Revisions to the Administrative Code will be indicated by an endnote in the Administrative Code and listed on this Disposition Table.

Part 2, Administration, pertains specifically to the Board of Directors. The part includes articles of election or appointment, powers and duties, meetings and minutes, and Directors’ benefits.

View West Basin’s Administrative Code

Code of Conduct

West Basin is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our business and professional operations and relationships. We will carry out our mission with unquestionable ethics and integrity, the cornerstone of achieving and maintaining credibility and ensuring public trust. We owe this, and no less, to the public we serve.

The ability of the District to achieve their mission is directly dependent on the day-to-day choices we make and our actions while representing the District. We are accountable for creating and maintaining credibility and trust with our customers, dealing fairly and honestly with our suppliers, contractors and consultants, and avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest that may arise due to outside activities, employment, and gifts.

View West Basin’s Code of Conduct

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