Water Industry Careers

Water Industry Careers

Every community needs water for its economic vitality and every person needs water for daily survival. Over the next decade, the state of California will face retirements that will directly impact the water industry. These open career paths give students an opportunity to directly impact their communities with the additional advantages of relatively high pay, career growth, and benefits.

West Basin provides a variety of opportunities to help students explore the fulfilling and diverse careers in the water industry, including:

  • Career-themed Water Treatment Facility Tours
  • Live Classroom Career Presentations
  • Pre-recorded Water Industry Professional Panel Interviews
  • …and more!

Students and educators are encouraged to explore the free resources below to further support water industry career exploration.

To schedule a tour or career presentation for your class, please contact West Basin Education Coordinator Janel Ancayan at (310) 660-6253 or JanelA@westbasin.org.

Free Resources

The West Basin Municipal Water District and the Water Replenishment District of Southern California teamed up to produce these pre-recorded video interviews and career exploration panel held on October 15, 2020. The videos are designed to encourage students to explore career options in the water industry. Students can still view pre-recorded interviews of water professionals and the recorded panel event at the links provided below.

Name Title Video Link
Josi Jenneskens Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst Watch Now
Moises Santillan Assistant Hydrogeologist Watch Now
Jason Kung Operations Analyst Watch Now
Uzi Daniel Operations Manager Watch Now
Recorded Event Water Industry Careers & Guest Panel Watch Now

California’s water industry provides many career paths that can be obtained with different levels of education from certification to technical and four-year degrees and above. This section provides information on operator certification, apprenticeship programs and industry associations, which can provide valuable networking and training opportunities for free or a reduced fee.

  1. State Water Resources Control Board – Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Operator Certification Program
  2. State Water Resources Control Board – Wastewater Operator Certification Program
  3. American Water Works Association – CA-NV Chapter Student Membership
  4. California Water Environmental Association – Student Membership
  5. Metropolitan Water District – Apprenticeship Program
  6. Department of Water Resources – Apprenticeship Program

Educators are critical to supporting water industry career explorations for students of all ages. The following free curriculum resources are available to support career and technical education (CTE) in the classroom.

  1. Metropolitan Water District – UC A-G Approved Academic and CTE Curriculum
  2. Center for Water Studies – Career-themed Classroom Modules
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