Commercial Water Use Efficiency


The commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) sector is the most diverse collection of water users in the urban environment, according to the Alliance for Water Efficiency. The CII category includes retail, offices, hotels, car washes, manufacturing, and many other types of customers. This sector varies widely, but there are common benefits to reducing water use and implementing water-efficiency best management practices. Saving water is a sound financial, social and ecological decision.

In the West Basin Municipal Water District service area, CII water use varies among customer agencies, ranging from approximately 15% to 70% of total potable water use. Most customer agencies have CII water demand that makes up 15-25% of potable water demand.  This presents a significant opportunity for long-term improvements in urban water use efficiency and drought preparedness in the CII sector.

This year, the West Basin Municipal Water District will initiate research and partnerships in order to create a new CII water-efficiency program that meets the specific needs of the service area, reduces demand, and helps retailers meet performance measures outlined by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) in the Conservation Framework.

Join Our Effort & Receive a Free Water Use Assessment 

Starting last February 2023, West Basin called on its retailers and interested businesses in the service area to share water use data that informed the development of our new program. Participants received valuable insights through a full water use assessment and measures for saving water, money and the environment. Sites also received one-on-one assistance in applying for eligible rebates unique to their business operations.

To participate or receive more information, please join our interest list or contact us:

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Email Program Manager

West Basin is seeking participation from businesses in all of the following categories:

  • Water Recreation (e.g., public pools/water parks)
  • Recreation, Non-water (e.g., athletic facilities, entertainment facilities, parks/cemeteries, golf course)
  • Food/Beverage (e.g., full service, fast food)
  • Laundry (e.g., laundromats, commercial/industrial laundries)
  • Lodging (e.g., hospitality, retirement homes)
  • Healthcare (e.g., hospitals, medical offices, medical and laboratory equipment and processes)
  • Offices
  • Public Services (e.g., government, prisons and correctional facilities)
  • Sales (e.g., retail, shopping centers/malls, grocery stores and food markets)
  • Services (e.g., auto, personal)
  • Religious Buildings
  • Education/ Schools
  • Car/Vehicle Wash
  • Industrial, Non-manufacturing (e.g., temperature-controlled warehouses, non-temperature-controlled warehouses)
  • Manufacturing (e.g., aerospace and metal finishing industries; plating, printed circuit boards, and metal finishing; food processing and beverage manufacturing; high-tech industry (server facility/data center); petroleum refining and chemical industries; pharmaceutical and biotech industries; power plants)
  • Utility
  • Mixed Use Commercial (e.g., strip malls, shopping centers, and other commercial spaces that are subject to frequent changes of tenants with different water use profiles to meet their corresponding business needs)
  • Dedicated Irrigation Meter
  • Other/ Misc.
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