Grass Replacement+

About the Grass Replacement + Program

West Basin continues to encourage residents to be SUPER-CALI-FRUGALISTIC every single day by removing water thirsty lawns and replacing them with beautiful climate-appropriate gardens.

The Grass Replacement+ program offers eligible residents an increased rebate of $5 for every square foot of grass replaced.

Up to $25,000 per project is available to upgrade your landscape and remove up to 5,000 square feet of grass. A minimum of 250 square feet of grass must be replaced (for a rebate value of $1,250).

Increased rebate! $5 per square foot of grass replaced up to $25,000

How Do I Sign Up?

The Grass Replacement+ program is designed for priority neighborhoods in the service area (see Eligibility Requirements below).

In order to participate, residents must verify eligibility in a priority neighborhood.

Check Eligibility Here

Apply for the SoCalWater$mart Rebate

*IMPORTANT: Do not begin any removal of grass until program eligibility is confirmed, program form is complete AND a rebate application is submitted via SoCal Water$mart. Beginning landscape construction before rebate pre-approval will disqualify the project. For more information, see project steps below.


For questions about this program, please contact program manager Gus Meza at

Program Resources

Taking Care of Trees
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