Recycled Water Master Plan (2020-2040)

Recycled Water Master Plan (2020-2040)

The West Basin Recycled Water Master Plan was updated upon the completion of several planned recycled water projects, as well as changed water demand, regional supply, and infrastructure conditions over the past decade.

As a result, West Basin initiated master planning efforts in 2020 to assess the conditions of the existing recycled water system, evaluate new opportunities to expand recycled water service, and develop an updated plan that outlines potential improvement projects for a 20-year span (2020-2040) that can be incorporated into West Basin’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

The revised Recycled Water Master Plan, completed in 2021, offers a flexible and resilient planning process, one that can be adjusted as local and regional conditions evolve.

Find the full Master Plan and Executive Summary here:

Recycled Water Master Plan

Executive Summary


Recycled water is the cornerstone of West Basin’s Water for Tomorrow efforts to increase water reliability by augmenting local supplies.  West Basin’s recycled water system provides five fit-for-purpose recycled water qualities to meet the needs of its customers, which include oil refineries and the West Coast seawater intrusion barrier.

West Basin administers a CIP that focuses on the construction of new infrastructure and the rehabilitation/replacement of existing assets. The CIP’s main objectives for the recycled water system include:

  • Maximizing recycled water production, delivery, and service
  • Optimizing system reliability, redundancy, and operability
  • Responding effectively to changing water supply/ regulatory conditions

West Basin CIP projects are prioritized and implemented in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan, and in support of its long-term planning and reliability objectives.  West Basin’s CIP is largely based on periodic master planning efforts.

Since the completion of the former (2009) master plan document, numerous CIP projects have been implemented: new pipelines and treatment plant expansions have been constructed, repair/rehabilitation projects have taken place, and several new customers have been connected.

The Recycled Water Master Plan (2020-2040) builds on recycled water achievements and aligns with the West Basin mission to provide a reliable supply of high-quality water to the communities it serves.


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