Retailers and Partners

West Basin Retailers and Partners


Funding Partners

Provides funding to West Basin for conservation programs through its Member Agency Administered Program and Local Resource Program.
Provides state grant funding for various conservation and water efficiency programs
Provides federal grant funding for various conservation and water efficiency programs


Other Partners

Seeks to maximize urban water efficiency and conservation throughout California by supporting and integrating innovative technologies and practices; encouraging effective public policies; advancing research, training, and public education; and building collaborative approaches and partnerships.
Promotes a nationwide ethic of water efficiency to conserve water resources for future generations. Also provides labels for water-efficient products and technologies.
SBESC is the South Bay’s clearinghouse for energy efficiency, water conservation and environmental information, delivering workshops, materials and outreach that promote many of West Basin’s water efficiency programs.
West Basin partnered with Surfrider to develop and implement the District’s successful Ocean Friendly Gardens program.
West Basin and WRD regularly team up to provide water education and other industry programs to local communities and students.

West Basin also works with its retailers to provide service area residents and businesses with relevant resources to help conserve water.

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