Water Use Efficiency Programs and Workshops

Rain Barrel Home Delivery Program
Catch the rain and reduce your potable water use with a free rain barrel! West Basin provides its customers with free Rain Barrels delivered to their home. Find out more information...
Firescaping uses landscaping techniques and native plants to protect your home from wildfires. These practices combined with smart irrigation systems can help safeguard your home, use less water, and save money on your water bill.
Grass Replacement Classes & Rebates
The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) is currently offering a $2 per square foot rebate for turf/grass removed from residential and commercial landscapes. West Basin Municipal Water District (West...
Cash for Kitchens (C4K)
Through the Cash For Kitchens Program (C4K), West Basin provides restaurants and other kitchen facilities with free water-use surveys to assess their current water usage. These surveys include...
Change & Save
The Change & Save program is designed in English and Spanish to educate, promote, and inspire West Basin customers to save money and reduce water use by replacing old fixtures.
Ocean Friendly Gardens
West Basin’s Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) program showcases the beauty and functionality of native and drought-tolerant landscapes.
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