Rain Barrels

Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 Rain Barrel giveaway, and a special thanks to the local partner volunteers who dedicated their time to help support these events.

Over the course of six Saturdays during fall 2023, the West Basin Municipal Water District provided 1,500 free rain barrels to residents throughout its service area’s five divisions.

We look forward to the upcoming 2024 Rain Barrel giveaway.  Stay tuned for upcoming event details and sign up for the West Basin Newsletter for program announcements.

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Rain Barrel Care Guide   Rain Barrel Leak Repair Guide

Information on SoCal Water Smart Rebate

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Must reside within West Basin’s service area to participate (click here to check your address location https://www.westbasin.org/about-us/what-we-do/service-area/)
  • Must not have received two rain barrels from prior events (two rain barrels are the maximum per address)
  • Must provide photos of your installed rain barrel(s) within 30 days of receiving them (submit photos here: https://arcg.is/Kqrz)

Benefits of a Rain Barrel 

  • Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff by collecting and reusing rainwater.
  • Reusing rainwater helps save water and money.
  • A rainwater capture feature, such as a rain barrel, is also a requirement for West Basin’s Grass Replacement Rebate Program, which starts at $3 per square foot of grass removed.

Frequently Asked Questions & Other Resources

How Do You Install a Rain Barrel?

What Other Resources are Available?

YouTube has a good collection of videos that explain how to set up and use a rain barrel, how to maintain your barrel, and a variety of other rain barrel-related topics. Other resources, including how to make your own rain barrel, are provided in the dropdown below

The Metropolitan Water District also offers $35 rebates for the purchase of rain barrels. More information can be found at the Metropolitan website.

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