West Basin Recycled Water Projects Targeted for Federal Funding

August 13, 2021

West Basin stands to receive nearly $4 million in federal funding for two of its recycled water expansion projects under two appropriations measures that are currently making their way through Congress.

On July 29, the House passed a seven-bill “minibus” appropriations package, which includes the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Energy and Water measure.  The House-passed legislation contains $3.79 million in direct funding for West Basin’s Harbor South Bay project to complete the North Gardena Recycled Water Lateral. Funding for the project is the result of ongoing support from Rep. Maxine Waters, whose Congressional district includes the city of Gardena.

The North Gardena Recycled Water Lateral would expand the use of recycled water to irrigate green spaces at Peary Middle School and Mas Fukai Park in Gardena. Approximately 3,700 feet of new recycled water pipeline would be installed as part of the project, conserving more than five million gallons of drinking water per year for the local community.

In addition, on August 4, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed its version of the FY 2022 Energy and Water funding measure, with $3.79 million designated for West Basin’s Mills Memorial Park Recycled Water Lateral. Advocating on behalf of West Basin were Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla, who both requested the project be included in the Senate funding measure.

West Basin’s Mills Park Recycled Water project would replace drinking water with recycled water to maintain playing fields and other public landscapes at Mills Memorial Park and Curtiss Middle School in Carson. The project would include the construction of 3,000 feet of new recycled water pipeline, delivering more than 11 million gallons of drought-proof water supplies annually, supporting ongoing community and youth activities.

Both of the West Basin recycled water projects that would receive federal funding under the proposed Congressional legislation are located in disadvantaged communities within the district’s service area. Since its inception, West Basin has remained steadfastly committed to ensuring reliable water supplies for the many diverse communities and industries in the region.

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