What does “Ocean Friendly” mean?

“Ocean Friendly” revolves around conservation, permeability and retention, all with the aim of conserving water while still creating aesthetic gardens.

This project addresses runoff problems and reduces outdoor water usage by 20 to 50 percent by providing weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) and native plant landscaping. The targeted landscape sites will include large landscapes, schools, parks, home owner associations, business parks, facility landscapes, street medians, and residential sites over 1,500 square feet that are the top water users in the area. This project will be implemented throughout West Basin’s service area.

The project has several components including:

  • Provide centralized WBICs to large landscapes (1 acre or greater)
  • Issue “Smart” controller rebates for residents
  • Conduct residential landscape workshops
  • Create “Ocean Friendly” demonstration gardens

Objectives: The primary objectives of the program are:

  • Increase water supply reliability
  • Improve water quality
  • Conduct public educational workshops
  • Increase water awareness through water efficient demonstration gardens

Benefits: The benefits to this project occur in the following ways:

  • Water Conservation (20-50%)
  • Runoff Reduction (by up to 70%)
  • Public Education
  • Use of Efficient Technology
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