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Welcome to West Basin’s Parkway Beautification Program

Parkways (the area between the sidewalk and street) are the cause of a lot of wasteful runoff.  West Basin is excited to offer a new water efficiency program for the installation of climate resilient residential parkway landscapes.

If you reside within the approved services areas, you are eligible for this program, at no cost to you.  These installations of climate appropriate landscapes will generate long-term water savings and hopefully inspire neighbors and other community members to consider grass removal at their own properties.

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How will this benefit you?

West Basin is an industry leader in developing and implementing innovative water efficiency programs to its communities that conserve water and enhance regional reliability of water supplies.

This Curbside Project allows you to:

Beautify your curbside for FREE

Save money on your water bill

Help the environment by reducing the amount of runoff and pollution

Learn about other West Basin programs such as Water Lab Educational programs, Grass Replacement +, rain barrels, Water Harvest, conservation device installations

Be the envy of your neighborhood

How it works

Step 1: Apply!
Click HERE to apply to participate in West Basin’s Curbside Beautification Program.
Step 5: Sign off
After construction has been completed, you will sign off on your project.  You also will be given some maintenance education that includes a flyer/pamphlet that covers proper maintenance for the plant types.
Step 2: Pre-Inspection
West Basin’s landscape contractor, EcoTech Services, Inc., will contact you and schedule a pre-inspection of your curbside with you to gather dimensions and verify that there is existing turf in the area.  If everything checks out, EcoTech services will provide you with several program-approved landscape design templates to choose from and work with you to finalize your parkway design.
Step 6: Follow-up
After 30 days, EcoTech Services will schedule a follow-up visit to inspect the irrigation system and plants to make sure everything is working properly.
Step 3: Turf Removal
After approval, EcoTech will schedule a date to begin killing the grass (organically) in order to remove it.  Construction will be scheduled one to two weeks after the turf has been spayed.
Step 7: Hands-on Workshop
At the end of the program, you will be invited to a free hands-on workshop.  EcoTech will schedule this workshop at a completed curbside and show you how to maintain your irrigation system and plants.  You can also practice fixing drip tubing issues and learn how to prune your plants in order to maintain a beautiful landscape year-round.
Step 4: Construction
After the grass has been killed, EcoTech will remove the grass and begin construction of the new parkway landscape.

About EcoTech Services, “Conserving for Tomorrow”

Discover EcoTech, a leading C-27 and C-36 Landscape and Plumbing Contractor founded in 2012. With a strong commitment to water conservation, EcoTech has collaborated with numerous water agencies, delivering a range of successful programs. Our services include landscape turf removal, landscape design assistance, pressure reducing valve installation, toilet installation, and technical services consulting. Join us in our mission to conserve water and create sustainable landscapes for a greener future.


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