Rain Barrels

Why Rain Barrels?

Collecting rainwater and storing it in a rain barrel can help offset drinking water used for outdoor purposes. Using rainwater helps reduce the amount of runoff pollution which flows into nearby storm drains, sewers and waterways and then eventually into the ocean. Rain barrels also contribute in making sure that local water supplies are being used more efficiently.

West Basin is committed to reducing the region’s reliance on imported water supplies. The District encourages customers to utilize local water sources such as rainwater, whenever possible.

Free Rain Barrel Distribution Events

Due to COVID-19, West Basin has temporarily suspended its free community rain barrel distribution events and is instead  developing a safe and contactless Rain Barrel Home Delivery Program. The program is expected to launch in late January 2021. Once the program is fully developed, West Basin will update this page with program guidelines, registration information, and other important details about how to install and use rain barrels.

In addition to this program, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) currently offers a $35 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying rain barrel. To learn more, please visit MWD at, www.socalwatersmart.com

For questions about conservation programs and events, please contact Gus Meza at GusM@westbasin.org or Jenyffer Vasquez at JenyfferV@westbasin.org.

Program Type Device
External Link Register for an upcoming event!
Contact Name Gus Meza
Contact Email GusM@westbasin.org
Contact Phone (310) 371-4633
Sponsor(s) West Basin Municipal Water District
Vendor(s) Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD)

South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG)

Customer Type Residential
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